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Mexican Chicken Tinfoil Packs

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Adjust Servings:
Inside the Pack
2 thinly sliced Chicken Breast
1 Sliced Onion
1 Sliced Red Pepper
1 Sliced Green Pepper
2 cloves chopped Garlic
1 chopped Red Chilli Optional
2 Tbsp Vegetable oil
3-4 Tsp Mexican Seasoning
Mexican Seasoning
2 Tsp Chilli Powder
2 Tsp Cumin Seeds Ground up
1 Tsp Paprika
0.5 Tsp Chilli Flakes Ground up
0.5 Tsp Onion Powder
0.5 Tsp Oregano
1 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Black Pepper

Mexican Chicken Tinfoil Packs

A Tasty Twist on an Established Technique

    • 30
    • Serves 4
    • Easy


    • Inside the Pack

    • Mexican Seasoning



    Mexican Chicken Tinfoil Packs are one of our favourite campfire dinners because they are so tasty and easy to prepare and cook. I think we’ll be trying these packs on our next camp.

    Perhaps one of the original Scout friendly dinners was the tinfoil pack. Simply take you desired filling, drizzle in a little oil and seasoning and wrap them in foil. Place the packs on the embers of the fire and turn regularly to make sure the contents cook through.

    Once upon a time, tinfoil packs for the fire were known as “Hobo Dinners”. We don’t much like the name but thought we should mention it in case you come across it in some old recipes or literature.

    Pack the chicken in the middle of your pack so that it cooks gently.

    Sandwich your chicken between the sliced up veggies and season the layers with your spice mix. We like to put the chicken in the middle of the packs so that the onions and peppers take the brunt of the heat. They take on a nice charring, and the chicken is gently cooked to perfection. Drizzle in a little oil. We also throw in some chopped up garlic and chilli but you can use or lose these depending on your young people’s tastes. You can also give the option to let your young people make individual packs (for example, leaving out onions, if someone wants).

    We like to encourage our young people now to make their own spice mixes when we go on Scout Camp so you should try it too. Of course, you can buy packs of seasoning if you want. We like to make our own because at least then we know exactly what is in it and we find it works out cheaper in the long run. Grind the mix up in a pestal and mortar before you head out and store in a small container.

    We made these Mexican Chicken Tinfoil Packs at a recent Campfire Cooking workshop. Served with Campfire Flatbreads, Coriander and Lime Rice and a Tomato Salsa, everyone left inspired for their next campfire meal.

    We made simple flatbreads cooked on the Dutch Oven lids.

    Please dispose of your tinfoil sensibly!

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    Get a good fire burning for at least an hour to establish a good bed of embers. This will help maintain a consistant level of heat. Thinly slice your vegetables and chicken. Layer the filling onto tinfoil, sandwiching the chicken in the middle. sprinkle the seasoning and the oil throughout the package. Remember to set aside anything that came into contact with raw chicken and to wash your hands.


    I like to double wrap my tinfoil packages to ensure there is no spillage of juice or flavoured oil.


    Carefully place the packages on the embers. Depending on the size of your tinfoil pouches, they'll cook for around 20-35 minutes. Turn and rotate them frequently, to counter any hot or cool spots of the fire.


    Check the pouches after around 20 minutes. You're checking to make sure the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are nicely soft and charred.

    Mark T

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