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Authentic Seafood Paella

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Adjust Servings:
10 Mackerel Fillets Skinned
2 Pollack Fillets Skinned and chopped in to big chunks
300g King Prawns Raw
2.5l Fish Stock
1 Onion Chopped
4 cloves Garlic Chopped
4 Bay Leaves
1 Large Bunch Parsley Finely Chopped
1kg Paella Rice Bomba or Arborio
2 Tsp Smoked Paprika
2 big pinches Saffron
180g Green Beans Sliced into thirds
1 Tins of Chopped Tomatoes
Juice of 1 Lemon
4 Tbsp Olive Oil
drizzle to serve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Authentic Seafood Paella


    An authentic Seafood Paella with fish caught fresh that morning

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    • Serves 12
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    I’m taking a risk calling something an “Authentic Seafood Paella”, I’m sure I’ll receive hate mail having done something wrong but as far as I can tell, I’m following all the rules. I’m using the right rice, using seafood, avoiding chorizo… Even cooking on fire is deemed authentic!

    This Seafood Paella is a bit of a show stopper, certainly not something you’d prepare every camp. The cost alone of some of the ingredients (saffron and the king prawns) would be enough to put people off. (If you want a simpler paella recipe, try this one) It was to be the main course for a seafood backwoods camp which I had organised in September this year. We had spent the morning fishing and ended up with around 30 mackerel and 2 big pollack, so this was to be the fish we used in the paella. Unfortunately the king prawns had to come from the supermarket.

    The shelter where we made and served our Authentic Seafood Paella

    Use whatever seafood you like but I do think the king prawns are pretty important. I also regularly use mussels and langoustines in my paellas, use what you’ve got/like/caught. Rememeber, an important part of that autentic paella texture is remembering not to stir it once you start adding the stock. It needs those cripsy bits to develop.

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    This will probably call for the biggest frying pan you've got. You'll need to start by establishing a good wide bed of embers to accomodate the big pan. Start by frying off the onion and garlic in the olive oil. Be careful not to burn the garlic.


    Meanwhile, heat your stock. When it's hot infuse it with the saffron.


    Add the bay leaves, paprika and a good pinch of salt and pepper to the pan and pour in the uncooked rice. Add the tomatoes, green beans and about half the stock, enough to cover the mixture. Give your Authentic Paella one last stir.


    Make a tin foil lid for your pan to keep it covered. You want the stock to be absorbed by the rice, not to evaporate. Add the stock a bit at a time as it's absorbed. This amount of rice will probably need to simmer for about 12-15 minutes. Don't stir the pan now, as it cooks, you'll start you get little crispy bit forming on the bottom, these are the best bits to eat.


    When the rice is just about cooked but still with a bit of bite, layer the fish and prawns on top. Add any more stock if needed and recover, allowing the seafood to steam.


    When the fish is cooked through, squeeze the lemon juice on top and scatter on the chopped parsley and finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Tuck in making sure everyone gets a crispy bit from the bottom.

    Mark T

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