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Genius Campfire Paninis with Fire Roasted Red Pepper

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Adjust Servings:
2 Ciabatta
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Red Pepper
2 Slices Ham
1 Ball Mozzerella
4 sliced Pickled Cucumbers

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Genius Campfire Paninis with Fire Roasted Red Pepper

Campfire Paninis for a Delicious Scout Lunch


    These Campfire Paninis make the perfect lunch for Scouts to cook for themselves over their fire barrels.

    • 15 minutes
    • Serves 2
    • Easy


    • Filling



    These Campfire Paninis make the perfect lunch for Scouts to cook for themselves over their fire barrels.

    We have been working on this recipe over lockdown so we haven’t actually tested it with our Scouts on camp but I know it’ll go down a treat with our young men and women.

    Checking the Panini

    Campfire Paninis

    By far, our most popular cooked lunch recipe for camps are these Pizza Rolls and everything that makes them a favourite is also included with these Campfire Paninis.

    • They are really easy
    • They are really tasty
    • You can customise them to suit all tastes
    • Scouts can make their own just how they like
    • There is no risk of cross contamination as everything is ready to eat

    Flame Roasted Red Pepper

    Fire Roasted Pepper

    In fact, I was worried these Campfire Paninis were too easy. That’s why we added the flame roasted red pepper. It adds a element of “cooking” which, although isn’t necessary, adds an incredible smokey flavour and will instil a greater sense of achievement in our campfire chefs. I love to cook a pepper like this and I have included it in recipes before – Chipotle Steak and Fire-Roasted Red Peppers. In fact, roasted vegetables like this is a great way to bring more flavour into your campfire cooking and I like to cook potatoes, onions and even chillies directly over the flames – Piri Piri Chicken and Prawn Kebabs.


    Panini filling ideas are endless

    You could literally fill these Campfire Paninis with whatever you want. Over the course of a week long camp, we might make these as a lunch but we’d probably still make our pizza rolls too so I’d avoid traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni. As always, encourage fresh vegetables where you can. Here are some flavour combinations we’ve tried in our paninis.

    • Cheese and Ham
    • Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Tomato and Gherkins
    • Sweet Chilli Chicken, Mozzarella and Tomato
    • Tuna, Mayo and Sweetcorn
    • BLT
    • Mozzarella, Tomato, Rocket and Pesto (V)
    • Fire Roasted Pepper and Aubergine, Tomato and Feta (V)
    • Bacon, Goats Cheese, Apple and Beetroot


    The trickiest part of this recipe might be to have the correct equipment on hand. A panini is usually cooked with a panini grill – a sort of griddle which heats from the top and the bottom. We overcame this by perfecting a technique with a large frying pan for the bottom and smaller Dutch oven lid. If you are on a longer standing camp with your patrols, the chances are you might have a big pan and a Dutch oven. You might not if you’re only away for a weekend or if you’re moving around and weight might be an issue.

    Campfire Panini Grill

    With this Campfire Panini technique, you place your ciabatta on the pan over the heat. Then you place the heated Dutch oven lid on top, pressing the sandwich down and cooking from both sides, just like a commercial panini press. If you don’t have a Dutch oven lid, any smaller pan should do the same trick.

    We’d love to hear if you give these Campfire Paninis a go on your next (socially distant) Scouting event. If you do, we’re sure they’ll become a popular staple on you backwoods lunch menus.

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