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Campfire Pizza Rolls

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Adjust Servings:
The Pizza Rolls
16 Wholemeal Wraps or try pitas too
1 bag Mozzerella pre grated
1 Jar Pizza Sauce You might have left over
The Toppings
1 packet Sliced Pepperoni
1 packet Sliced Salami
1 sliced Green Pepper
1 handful sliced Mushrooms
1 finely sliced Red Onion

Campfire Pizza Rolls

A Popular Campfire Classic for an Easy Lunch on Camp

    • 15
    • Serves 8
    • Easy


    • The Pizza Rolls

    • The Toppings



    These Campfire Pizza Rolls are an easy introduction to campfire cooking on camp and they make a great lunch!

    Trun the Pizza Rolls regularly to get an even cook.

    When on Summer Camp with 10th Antrim, our Scouts do all their own cooking on fire. They make a variety of different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner such as this Traditional Irish Stew or Chicken and Pepper Paella. When it comes to breakfast and lunch, we alternate between cold and cooked meals, always aiming to have at least two cooked meals a day. This is obviously dependent on the activities we’re doing, I.E. if we’re off site, Scouts will make a packed lunch and so need a cooked breakfast. That where things like French Toast and Bacon step in but it’s hard to beat a sausage sandwich too.

    If we’re on site for activities, we’ll have a cold breakfast like cereal for example but then we need a cooked lunch. These Campfire Pizza Rolls were an immediate hit with the Scouts this year. They enjoyed how easy it was and the fact that they were able to personalise their lunches.

    Chop the vegetables small and let people pick their own fillings

    We tried these rolls with pita breads and with whole seed wraps. The pitta breads worked fine but the wraps were far more popular. This was supposed to be a simple lunch, so we used grated cheese, ready made pizza sauce and a selection of salamis and pepperonis. In Scouts we squeeze vegetables in where ever possible, so we encouraged everyone to try red onion, peppers and mushroom in their Campfire Pizza Rolls. For serving size, two of these wraps will keep your growing Scouts happy.

    Personalised pizzas made to order!

    Our Scouts loved this Campfire Pizza Roll meal so much that they asked for it again later in the week. Unfortunately for them we try to maintain a completely varied diet for the week. It’ll definitely appear on camp again though!

    Ok, maybe not the most appetising photo but the tin foil makes it hard. Its tastes great anyway!


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    Start by getting a good bed of embers established in your fire pit. Meanwhile, prepare your pizza rolls and slice your vegetables. Slice them finely and encourage everyone to get them in.


    Spread a layer of sauce on a wrap and then sprinkle with cheese. Get the meat and vegetable toppins on next. Don't go crazy with the toppings or you won't be able to roll it up.


    Roll your pizza up and wrap it in foil. Place them on the fire. Everything is already cooked so all you're looking for is a toasted outside and for the cheese to melt.

    Mark T

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