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10 Easy Camping Recipes!

In this article you’ll find a list of 10 easy camping recipes which use a minimum of ingredients. Most of them are cheating in terms of actual cooking and use prepacked, tinned and ready made ingredients but sometimes when you’re out camping that’s all you have the energy and time for!

I was camping last week with a group of Venture Scouts in Castlewellan, in Northern Ireland and got talking to a few of the young people. One of the them said that they would like to see some recipes on CampfireKitchen which were really easy, with a small number of ingredients that they could pick up in the supermarket on their way to camp. They also wanted to see recipes tailored to feed 1 or 2 people. So that’s what I’ve set out to do in this post. It’s a list of 10 easy camping recipes which anyone should be able to throw together with ingredients available in any supermarket.


1. Curry and Rice

All big supermarkets have their varieties of tinned curries and they are actually quite nice (I told you we were cheating). A tin of chicken tikka masala or lamb jalfrezi and a packet of microwaveable basmati rice is one of my camping staples. Bung the tin’s contents and the rice in a pot together and heat on a fire or stove until it’s completely hot throughout. A handful of fresh coriander torn up and stirred through will freshen it up and appease any curry purists out there. This will keep two tired venture scouts happy!

2. Chilli, Rice and Garlic bread

A couple of shelves away from the tinned curry, you’ll probably find tins of chilli con carne. Pick one with a heat level you think matches you and your tent buddy and get a packet of microwaveable white or brown rice. Cook it pretty much the same way as I have done with the curry. I don’t know how authentically Mexican it is but I would always serve chilli con carne with garlic bread. Buy a frozen baguette, wrap in foil and cook over/near an open fire for about 10 minutes, turning often. Don’t put it too close because it will burn, and make sure it’s cooked in the middle and not just burnt on the outside!

3. French Toast

An easy camping recipe favourite across the world! I’ll not give you a recipe because the one I use is from the BBC, here it is – . Seriously, this is a delicious breakfast, much better than Supernoodles. Try it.

4. Cowboy Supper

Sausages, beans and chips but with a twist. The twist is that it’s made using tinned baby potatoes instead of chips and when finished, it looks more like a stew: no bad thing if it’s cold and rainy! For two people, fry your sausages (2 or 3 per person). Find yourself a tin of baby potatoes, open and drain the spuds, boil for a few minutes until soft, drain again. In the same pot you boiled the spuds in, add the sausages and a tin of beans, heat until the beans are hot. Proper tasty. Bread and butter optional.

5. Pancakes

For 2 people, go with 50g flour, 1 egg, 150ml of milk. These measurements are just a starting point, you’ll make perfectly fine pancakes if you make rough guesses. In a jar with a lid, or even the milk bottle, add the ingredients. Close the top and shake like crazy until it’s all mixed together or you could mix in a bowl with a fork. If you’ve guessed the measurements, you want the consistency of your batter to match that of a thick single cream. With a slightly oily, hot frying pan, pour a dollop in and cook on each side for about 30 seconds. Flipping as high as you can is mandatory. These will be like crepés so fill with whatever you like, lemon juice and sugar or Nutella are always winners!

6. Spicy Mackerel and Cous Cous

This one won’t be for every one but again it’s one of my camping staples, it’s ready in the  time it takes to boil a pot of water. In most supermarkets you’ll find packets of cous cous that are premixed with spices and flavouring, I like the Ainsley Harriot one with chilli. Make it per the instructions and when it’s ready stir through a tin of cooked mackerel, again I’d use one with added chilli or a hot tomato sauce. A delicious dinner for two in 10 minutes flat.

7. Tuna Cheesy Pasta

Tin of tuna, small jar of cheesy pasta sauce, 200g or so of fusilli or penne pasta. Cook the pasta, drain, add the sauce and drained fish, heat thoroughly. Bam, can’t beat it.

8. Stew

Back to tins of stuff. As with all the meals I’ve given here which use tinned things, spend that extra quid or so and get the more expensive one. It’s really worth it. Buy a tin of beef stew, mix it with a drained tin of baby potatoes and heat over the fire until it’s piping hot. To enjoy this fully, you’ll be needing a lot of bread and butter, brown sauce and a cup of tea.

9. Campfire Baguette

Buy those part-baked baguettes, the ones you need to cook in the oven for 10 minutes. With it still raw, slice it like a sandwich. Fill it with whatever cooked ingredients you like – ham and cheese / tuna, sour cream and onion / cheese and onion / sweet chilli chicken and mozzarella / bacon, brie and cranberry (sure why not?). Wrap it up in tin foil and bake it over or in the campfire like you would with the garlic bread above. Once again you’ll need to be careful with the bread to get the distance to embers right, you don’t want a burnt outside and raw doughy inside. Cook until the bread is ready, about 10-12 minutes should do and you’ll have a lovely warm filling too. Delicious.

10. A Fry!

Now, depending on where in the UK or Ireland you’re from, this will mean different things to different people. For my tent buddy and I, I’d be frying sausages, bacon, eggs, potato bread, probably some toast and beans. Now that’s a breakfast. SERIOUSLY, STOP EATING SUPERNOODLES FOR BREAKFAST.


There you have it, 10 easy camping recipes (I shouldn’t seriously call this a list of “recipes”) that should improve every scout and young person’s camp food repertoire. There probably isnt anything that shocking or ground breaking in here. If anything, hopefully I’ve encouraged you to try out some ingredients when camping that you mightn’t necessarily have thought of; tins of curry, cous cous, tins of potatoes, all may be a bit odd but they lend themselves to camping perfectly.

Sorry I haven’t got any pictures up, I’ve written this on a whim as it was only last weekend I got the request. If you try any out be sure to comment with a picture! These really are fool proof.

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