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The Ultimate Brussel Sprouts

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Adjust Servings:
1 large stalk Brussel Sprouts Get them on the stalk at your local grocer or market
6 Smoked Streaky Bacon
2 Garlic Sliced finely
Grated Parmesan
1 Tbsp Vegetable oil
1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt To taste
Pepper To taste

The Ultimate Brussel Sprouts

Love them or loath them, sprouts deserve their place on your plate


      Bacon, garlic and parmesan are what makes this recipe the ‘Ultimate’ version.

      • 1 hour
      • Serves 6
      • Medium




      The Sprouts

      Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the humble Sprout. These delicious little vegetables are too good though to only have once a year. On-the-stalk Brussel Sprouts are the perfect veg for a Christmas-themed BBQ or campfire cookout.

      I know lots of Scout Groups and outdoor enthusiasts have campfire cooking Christmas dinners and this BBQ version is perfect for those less formal get-togethers. Brussel Sprouts could easily be left off the menus for more trendy vegetables… like carrots and potatoes. Bacon, garlic and parmesan are what makes this recipe the ‘Ultimate’ version. They are perfect served with crispy bacon and melted cheese. On-the-stalk Brussel Sprouts deserve a space on your grill or embers and you really should try this recipe.

      Indirect Cooking

      Here you can see my vent set up

      Set your BBQ up for indirect cooking, setting it up like an oven rather than a grill. I’m using a Weber Go Anywhere today. So, I have half the space set up with coals and the other half blocked off with a bit of foil. The bottom vents are open a crack. The vent above the coals is closed and the vent over the cooking area is open. Same as a normal BBQ, you need to wait to let the coals heat up.

      Waiting on the charcoal lighting!

      Back to the  Sprouts

      If you’re cooking these on-the-stalk Christmas sprouts in the campfire, wrap loosely in foil and set in the embers for around 30 minutes. If you’ve decided this is the recipe for your real Christmas dinner, then set your oven to around 180 degrees (I think). They should take around 45 minutes, the same as the BBQ.

      Remove the really burnt leaves but the char you can see on the right hand side here is all good flavour

      When serving the sprouts, you can either serve on the stalk. Cooked, they should pop off easily. You can also carve them off with chunks of the crispy bacon falling freely. My Ultimate on-the-stalk Brussel Sprouts are the perfect Christmas side dish for your backwoods banquet! You should also have a look at this delicious Pigs in Blankets recipe. Served with burnt scallions, these tasty sides will help raise the flavour level of your Christmas lunch. If you cook them together, keep the lid down as much as possible. Every time you open the lid, the temperature plummets and they will take longer.

      Don’t forget the crackers and paper hats!


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      Set the BBQ up for indirect cooking. Drizzle the vegetable oil over the sprouts and rub into all the cracks. Slice up the garlic and gently stuff the thin slices in and around the sprouts. Weave the bacon through the gaps and use it to keep the garlic in. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, don't forget to do the underside.


      Cook indirectly for around 45-50 minutes but until the thickest sprouts are soft and juicy. It might take more or less cooking time depending on how hot your grill is and how often you open it. They will need turned at least twice though but do it as fast as you can.


      When you're finished cooking, remove any leaves which are very burnt but leave the nicely charred ones. Carve the sprouts off and remove the bacon. I like to slice the bacon up and mix it though. Drizzle with the extra virgin olive oil and grate the parmesan over the top.

      Mark T

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