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Twisty Hot Dogs on the Campfire

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Adjust Servings:
Bannock Dough
16 Frankfurters 2 per person

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Twisty Hot Dogs on the Campfire

A great backwoods lunch for a twist on twisty bread

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      This Twisty Hot Dog recipe was designed to be a quick, backwoods style lunch for the Scouts to make in between activities on camp.

      Finding ourselves with just over two hours to make and eat lunch on camp, we wanted to prepare a bit of a backwoods style meal. We toyed with all the standard Scouty meals; hamburger onion bombs, for example, or cake in oranges. This was their actual lunch though; we needed something more substancial with a high success chance.

      Hopefully every Scout has at some point made bread over the fire. Twisty breads are something I make regularily for myself and for the Scouts. I prefer a garlic butter version but young people tend to prefer jam or Nutella. So we thought we’d explore a meatier version of these. Taking the twisty bread dough and wrapping it around something could be the lunch we were looking for.

      Twisty bread is always a campfire favourite!

      What to wrap up though? We thought about some vegetables, peppers maybe, or even ham and cubes of cheese (might still try that one), cooked chicken breast with chilli sauce was another potential option. In the end we went with Frankfurter style hot dogs. Hot dogs in bread just makes sense.

      This patrol’s green branches weren’t up to the task so we added the grill underneath.

      When you’re shopping for your Twisty Hot Dogs, please buy the best Frankfurters you can. Don’t be feeding your young people, or even yourself, rubbish! Check the meat content and check the meat – Don’t assume that it’s pork or beef. In my experience, most UK and Ireland Franks are not.

      Encourage everyone to try both sauces. That’s the proper way to enjoy these Twisty Hot Dogs!

      Make the dough as per the following Bannock Recipe. Go easy on the water, you can’t take it out. Roll it thin and wrap it around your Franks and get them on the fire. Double skewer your franks to stop them spinning on your fire. We used green wood branches as rails to lay the Twisty Hot Dogs down. Of course, using green wood so that they didn’t go up in flames.

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      If using wooden skewers, soak them for at least 30 minutes to stop them burning on the fire. Get a decent fire burning, you don't need to cook for too long so not too massive. Make the dough as per the recipe and set aside. Get someone to collect two green branches to lay across your fire or grill.


      Skewer the Frankfurters through the centre. Cut the dough up into around 16 balls and roll them thinly. Wrap each Frankfurter up and place directly onto the green branches over the fire to start the cooking. They flatten out and stick to anything if you place them on a board to wait (lesson learnt the hard way).


      As the dough starts to cook, spin the Twisty Hot Dogs to get an even coating. We ended up skewering them again to stop them from spinning again. That worked well.


      They'll cook for around 10-15 minutes with even cooking. We do "the pinch test" to make sure the dough is cooked. Give it a pinch and if it's still like playdough, it's not ready. Serve with ketchup and mustard. A Hot Dog NEEDS mustard. A lot of children will say they don't like it, but they haven't tried it. Encourage everyone to try it on an end at least.

      We had one Scout who, after these, had to completely change his "Top Five List of Sauces" to fit mustard in at the top...

      Mark T

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