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BBQ Sausage Catherine Wheel with a Honey Mustard Glaze

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Adjust Servings:
For the Sausage Catherine Wheel
8 Pork Sausage Still strung up
2 stalks Rosemary
2 Bay Leaves
For the Honey Mustard Glaze
2 Tbsp Wholegrain Mustard
2 Tbsp Honey

BBQ Sausage Catherine Wheel with a Honey Mustard Glaze


      Try this fun Honey Mustard Glazed BBQ Sausge recipe on your next BBQ.

      • 20
      • Serves 4
      • Medium


      • For the Sausage Catherine Wheel

      • For the Honey Mustard Glaze



      I don’t know about you, but every BBQ in my house growing up, started with the good old fashioned BBQ sausage. These were usually cooked impatiently before the coals were ready, with the excuse that the dripping fat will speed up the coals. It worked of course, by the time the sausages were done, the charcoal underneath would always be well lit and glowing hot.

      I’m not trying to replace the sausage on the BBQ; get rid of it or over complicate things. I just think that sometimes, the humble BBQ sausage deserves to be the centre piece. This BBQ Sausage Catherine Wheel with its Honey Mustard glaze, is the perfect way to do just that. Elevate that BBQ staple once in a while and you won’t regret it.

      Start this recipe off at the shop, when buying your sausages, buy the best you can afford (my fiancée insists on buying ones with the highest pork content). But make sure for this BBQ recipe, you buy sausages still connected in a long string. That’s the beginning of your sausage ‘Catherine Wheel’.

      Honey and mustard work so well with pork and the slightly bitter, woody and aromatic flavour of the bay leaves and rosemary goes nicely with the other sweet ingredients. As always, if you’re using wooden skewers for your BBQ sausage catherine wheel, soak them in water for half an hour before it goes on the grill.

      I’ve tried this Honey Mustard Glazed BBQ Sausage Catherine Wheel several times now with different types of mustard. Whole grain and Dijon work well so pick your favourite. Most recently, I served these saussages sliced up in Belfast Baps to some of the participants of the Campfire Kitchen Autumn Camp. We had been fishing for mackerel all morning so a BBQ break on the rocks near Bloody Bridge in Newcastle was a welcome brunch!

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      First, start by unrolling the individual sausages on your string into one long sausage. Then roll this long sausage up into your Sausage Catherine Wheel. Jam your rosemary and bay leaves into the creases between the rolls, be sure that they're mostly concealed, these will burn on the hot coals if they're exposed.


      To stop you Sausage Catherine Wheel falling apart on the BBQ, push two skewers through it to create a cross shape. Now your Catherine Wheel is ready for the BBQ. Place it over the hot coals and leave to cook on this side first. Now prepare your glaze.


      This is a fool-proof recipe for a perfect glaze for pork. Mix one part mustard with one part honey; for this size of sausage, we're going to use 3 tablespoons of each. Mix them up in a cup and and set it aside until you need it.


      Grill the sausage until it's cooked nicely on both sides, not too charred yet because you haven't glazed it yet. Brush the glaze on, if you have any spare you can show off and use some rosemary leaves to do this. Do one side at time, let the honey in there start to caramelise and then flip it over and do it again.


      I recently served this on the rocks by the sea in big baps (not nasty cheap hotdog ones). But I've also done these Honey Mustard Glazed Sausage Catherine Wheel sliced, on a plate in the middle of the table. Stabbed some with cocktail sticks, it's the perfect way to share a BBQ with your family and friends.

      Mark T

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