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Ember-roasted Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Adjust Servings:
2 Bell Peppers
Handful Cheddar
Handful Breadcrumbs
Other Fillings
0.5 thinnly sliced Onion
2 rashers chopped Bacon you might want to cook this first on a stick over the fire

Ember-roasted Stuffed Bell Peppers

An easy campfire treat. Anyone can make these exciting roasted bell peppers


      Versatile, quick and tasty snack - roasted peppers stuffed with your choice of ingredients.

      • 20 Minutes
      • Serves 2
      • Easy


      • Other Fillings



      Even when you’re cooking in the comfort of your own home and a fully kitted out kitchen, sweet bell peppers are one of the finest ingredients in your fresh goods armoury. Around the campfire, it’s no different; bell peppers are sweet, vibrant, amost universally liked and they travel well!

      Roasting a pepper on the fire will char the outside flesh, while leaving that sweet and juicy flavour intact on the inside.  They even grow with a hole in them, just asking to be stuffed with other goodness!

      As with all fruit and veg, it’s important to go for good quality. For this recipe go with red or orange bell peppers as they are the sweetest. If you have got foil, you can wrap your peppers up to protect them from the ash a little. Don’t worry if you haven’t any foil, you can roast your bell peppers right on the embers too. Just be sure to watch them closely and turn them often.

      Stuff your peppers with whatever you want. I usually always use cheese and breadcrumbs and then something extra. This time I’ve gone with extra onions and bacon.

      Let’s get down to business

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      Take a knife and cut into the top of the pepper, running it around the outside edge, around the stalk. Then holding the stalk, yank the core out in one swift action. A little further scooping of any of those extra white seedy bits inside can be done with the knife too.


      Now to the filling. Do any chopping on a clean surface. A chopping board is ideal, but an upside down pot will work just as well.
      Bread is your stable filling. There will always be some form of it floating around a campsite. So chop, tear or rip it up; any means to get in into little bits to fit inside those peppers.
      Enter cheese. Once melted, the cheese will bind the filling together nicely. Cheddar is my go to here, but to each their own, if you have other ideas, go for it, I won’t judge.
      I’ve added chicken to these before, to “beef” them up as it were. This essentially turns them into a full blown meal. Bacon is another trusty and loyal friend while camping, that too will do wonders in the barrel of your pepper. Just make sure any meat filling is properly cooked and diced before adding.
      Other fillings that work well are mushrooms and onions. Some garlic will also work to add some earthy flavour.
      Mix all the fillings together well and then stuff inside the pepper. Top off with some more grated cheese.


      Once you’re happy with your filling, it’s time to cook. Wrap the pepper in some foil and chuck it on the outskirts of a good fire. There’s no real set duration, you just want to make sure the inside of the pepper is piping hot. 10-20mins should do it. Also, if you like a charred taste, you can be daring and roast the pepper without foil. Maybe give it a little leeway from the fire though.
      Voila! It’s as simple as that, once you’ve taken the peppers from the fire, get stuck in! (Tongs are recommended here of course, nobody likes burnt fingers).


      Before I leave you I would say one thing; experiment. There are too many options to mention for what you can get inside these peppers. Next time I plan on adding some zing with some cooked chicken and chopped chillis. So get cooking, and be creative!


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      Thanks for the recipe BKettle. I’ll be sure to try this out! I love roasting things directly in the embers.

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